October 21, 2009

Haiku for fall, gratitude

On Monday, I saw a presentation about positive psychology. People who reflect on things they're grateful for live longer and are generally happier--I've tried to keep a daily list of a few things I'm grateful for, but usually I fall off the wagon. Maybe I'll try for at least a week, and see how it goes...

1. My current favorite song, "Say Hey" by Michael Franti, was on the radio after rehearsal. I've only heard it two or three times so far, but it cheers me up every time (whether I need it or not)!

2. The weather today was amazingly beautiful. When I tried to think about my favorite part of today, I came up with a haiku:
glorious sunshine
brief respite from icy Fall
winter on the way

3. pumpkin chocolate chip muffins + milk = snack heaven.

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