November 15, 2009

On edge

By a miracle, it takes only two swipes of my ID card to unlock the door.  A yank brings the door swinging open, a moment and I am inside.

Scanning the wall of little the right....further right...down two, three...there it is.  Crouch down, spin the knob left, then right, then left again....Damn! didn't work.  Again.  Left, right....and left....there--the lock catches just a hair, opening on a rectangular pigeonhole stuffed with papers and oh! envelopes.

I pull them all out at once, a flier catching on the edge as I drag the mail out of the slot.  Ignore the flier, I don't care, it's probably something I won't go to anyway...envelope...from a medical school! but it's just a form from the study I'm participating in.  Another envelope...from the school again! but it's just commencement information.

Everything gets folded hot-dog style around the envelopes and shoved in my bag.  I try not to think about how excited I almost was, how disappointed that the envelope was not from somewhere else, that the envelopes did not contain letters saying "We are pleased to offer you a spot at the School of Medicine..."

"You should hear from us in mid- to late November."

Mail does not get delivered on Sundays.

Today is only the 15th.

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