November 1, 2009

Reading from 10-28-09

Reading from 10-28-09

Present/Recent past:The 4 of swords--urgent need for rest; The Sun--celebrations ahead; Queen of swords reversed--mature female unafraid to confront difficult issues has become bitter and hardened.  The center portion of the layout makes me think of the interview itself--My first interviewer was very hardcore, and her style of questions was very difficult to communicate with.  I felt like she was really picking apart at every little thing that I said.  But the Sun suggests a positive outcome.

Temporary state of affairs--3 of cups reversed: false pregnancy or miscarriage.  I never know what this card means in my context, since I've never been pregnant, falsely or otherwise.  I guess in this case it could be that because my first interview seemed so shaky, it seemed like a false start.

Slightly ahead--King of cups reversed: Fair-haired, blue-eyed mature man, family-oriented, married or attached, has become possessive and overbearing and prone to selfishness.  This I read as my second interviewer--we had a good discussion about health care reform, but he tended to talk over me and interrupt to some degree.

Passing influence to come: The High Priestess: a highly intuitive female capable of great psychic power.  I have no idea...sometimes shows up as IO or RB.

Recent past: The Hermit: "seek and ye shall find." I'm not really sure on this one, either...maybe the application process in general?

Near future: Ace of pentacles reversed: money going in one door and out the other.  Definitely true with med school applications and travel; also definitely true of halloween!

State of affairs, near future: The Chariot: a good feeling about having control of your life.  True!  It feels good to have one interview under my belt; if I get in, I'd be happy to go there; if I don't, well, there are other schools...

Others' opinions: Lovers reversed: confusion about the choices in one's love life.  Why is this one here?  Not really school vs. love life?

Your expectations: 4 of pentacles reversed: I'm becoming a miser; you can't take it with you when you're gone.  Is this really true?  I mean, I'm certainly conscious of how much it costs to not only apply but also just to get to interviews.  CW & I ate at Waffle House after my interview--it wasn't exactly cheap, though--McDonald's is cheaper...hmm.

Outcome: Ace of swords reversed: Poor decisions or reluctance to make an important one proves to be disastrous.  Not sure what to do with this--I don't know that any poor decisions have been made...have I forgotten something?

See, overall the layout seems to do just fine.  Maybe I lost focus on the last few cards--they didn't seem to meld with the idea of the interview at all.  They seemed to be more about the general state of my life than anything.

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