December 15, 2009

Better documents?

Why don't Google docs or other document formats work the way spreadsheets do?  Why can't you have multiple tabs within a document--so that, if you need separate pages for things like figures or a bibliography or an outline, they could be separate from the body of your document but still gathered together?  For that matter, why isn't there (or is there?) a program that would allow integrative documents--maybe one tab is a spreadsheet, another is a slideshow presentation, and another is a text document.  I feel like this would make it a lot easier to plan out larger projects (like a thesis paper, or a novel, or a lab report) and keep everything together.  The way things work now, you have to have a separate file for each type of format; at best, you could make a folder and save each file in there, separately.  But then, to work on the project, you would have to open each program and open each component's just not efficient.

Maybe the Google wave thing will work like this.  But it seemed like that was much more for collaborative documents.  Anyway, someone should create a new, better format.

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