December 4, 2009


This week has just made me really happy.  It's strange, because I was rejected from a medical school on Monday, but even then it didn't seem to matter because then on Tuesday, I got another interview up north and today I got one here!  I feel really confident about life in general.

I haven't had any meat to eat since Monday--I think the safest term for me right now is "presquetarian," similar to a pescatarian in that I'm trying out the idea of becoming a vegetarian, but I think that fish & occasionally chicken wouldn't be bad for me, so I'm really more of an "almost-vegetarian" (thus my franglish term).  Who knows?  I might have meat tomorrow.  I might not!

I had my first black bean burger on Tuesday.  It was actually amazingly delicious.  No, not just in a "are you sure you're not just trying to convince yourself that?" kind of way--it was actually just really delicious.  It didn't pretend to be beef, and I think that helped it more than anything.  (Next thing on my to-try list: the Subway veggie patty.  I owe MS that much, at the very least!)

Is it bad if part of my confidence comes from a pretty favorable tarot card reading?  I think I interpreted it pretty pragmatically.  Maybe it's one of those things where it doesn't matter if it works, it's simply an endless positive feedback loop.

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mc said...

Ha. "presquetarian" It took me a minute, but it was worth it. Awesome.