March 28, 2010


I feel strangely nostalgic.

I hung out with CB & IO for a little, then we and GP went over to visit the boys + A at their apartment.  We didn't really do anything, sat around a little, watched Terminator 2 and had WS explain the intricate plot development of the Terminator series.

This afternoon, I went to the Science Center with new members & the exec from AED.  The new kids did a scavenger hunt while the exec sat around and had lunch at the overpriced cafe.  We chose prizes for the winners and a consolation prize for the not-winners.  The best prize was for the winners: a clear plastic egg with an innocuous-looking volcano, with these enticing instructions:

Fill egg with water.
When volcano eruption ceases, fill egg with fresh water.
Dinosaur will appear.
Fill egg with water again.
In 72 hours dinosaur will be full grown!

I imagined an apatosaurus popping out of the confines of the two-inch plastic shell to squish itself into my windowsill.  I bought an extra egg for me!

At the boys' apartment, we got out the egg and took it into the kitchen.  We were all there, crouched around the sink peering intently into the egg to see if the volcano was erupting, bent at the waist and making sound effects like "crshhh krkkkk bshhh!"  It was a little anticlimactic when we realized the volcano was made of baking soda, but the tiny dinosaur made up for it.

Our conversations centered on what everyone is talking about, these days: life after graduation.  We made the inevitable rounds of "where are you going next year?" and talk turned to apartments, and moving away, and freshman floor memories, and how to choose a grad school.  Everyone is afraid of the same things.

After I dropped the girls off at their apartment, I went to the store and wandered the aisles, looking for necessities: eggs, lentils, brown rice.  Half an hour later, I finally drudged across the Forty.  In my room, I sat (sit) at the computer, looking at Facebook.  Gammy has sent me a message (probably her first ever!) and I reply excitedly, then look through my photos to suggest a profile picture for her.  I meander into photos from my phone, and then photos from my freshman year at school.  We look so young! and I hate thinking about leaving them and going away next year.

Thinking about next year feels like an adventure, but also like I'll be cheating on my friends, sharing trials and tribulations with people who may never know them and whom they may never know.  Suddenly, five weeks doesn't feel like enough time.

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