June 29, 2010

Drunk as a skunk

My brother has discovered alcohol.  I mean, he had already discovered alcohol last summer, which got him into trouble.  Now, however, he's decided he can be a Class-A jerk about it and flaunt his consumption.  He walked into the house with cases of beer and a fifth of whiskey, and is recalcitrant to any suggestions of moderation.

Today, despite being "grounded,' he was allowed to go hang out with some friends.  He came home hours later in a strange, giggly-irritable mood and had had fourteen beers on little to no food.

Being inexperienced, he didn't recognize a good thing when he saw it, namely the glass of water I got him or the crackers I tried to convince him to eat.  Even drunk, he maintains his neurosis that I am out to get him and only exist to tell him what to do and pretend to be his mom.  Too bad for him, I am turning into our mother...and he needs all the parental attention he can get, with his foul mouth and fouler moods.

I'm starting to think my mother's refrain is the best one:

"He just needs to go to school.  He just HAS. TO. GO."

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