August 29, 2010


Pt is a 22-year-old White female first-year medical student.  Pt has two lateral lacerations of the dorsal aspect of the fifth intermediate phalanx of the left hand.  Pt was crushing a garlic clove when the cutting board gave way and split in two, causing the knife to slip and cut the skin of the finger.  Cuts are 1/8 in. deep but were made superficially.  Lacerations were bleeding steadily for five minutes but bleeding abated with direct pressure.  Google search and a call to an EMT-friend determined that neither stitches nor a trip to the emergency room were required.  Pt will keep adhesive bandages and antibacterial ointment on lacerations until wound has healed.  Follow-up assessment and rebandaging recommended post-shower and in a.m.


Man, my pinkie hurts.

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