August 4, 2010

Spotted Cow is delicious

Yesterday, Ben wanted to get a nice seafood dinner since Milwaukee is on a Great Lake.  Since Mom said we could use the credit card, and because he was nice enough to come be free moving labor, we went out to eat.  The waitress recommended Spotted Cow as a local beer.  It was light and slightly fruity and wonderful--it reminded me of Blue Moon but I think I liked it even more.

When we got back to the apartment, we decided we wanted more of the beer so I ran out to get some.  It was 8:45pm when I left--and apparently, in Wisconsin they stop selling alcohol at 9pm.  Luckily, we live about three minutes from a grocery store.  I made it through the line with five minutes to spare.

Today, though, I made my first meals in my new home.

Breakfast: soft-boiled eggs and a tomato, sliced, all with a sprinkle of salt and pepper and washed down with a cup of tea.  One of the eggs cracked as I dropped it in the water and the white ballooned outside the shell.  Surprisingly, some of the yolk escaped, too, but the center was still slightly creamy--a bit more done than I like.  The other one was a little under done.  The microwave didn't have a timer that I could find!  Who ever heard of such a thing--a microwave without a timer?!

I took Ben to the airport so he could go home.  I went to two different grocery stores and Walgreens but I still forgot to get plain oatmeal.

I mixed up a batch of No-Knead bread.  I get to bake it tomorrow morning.

Dinner was whole wheat pasta with a quick ragout I made myself: mushrooms and zucchini sautéed in butter with garlic, salt and pepper.  At the last minute I decided I wanted something more and threw in a diced tomato, which cooked up deliciously.  I threw the pasta on top of the sauce in a bowl-plate and sprinkled on some parmesan cheese.

I would say the kitchen is now properly inaugurated!

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