September 12, 2010

First block of exams--check!

We had our first exams last week, right after the long weekend.  I did well, so I was very content.

To celebrate, a lot of our class went out Wednesday night to do karaoke--there was beer spilled everywhere and middle school favorites sung and plenty of dancing/shout-singing along.

Friday night we had people over and watched telenovelos while making up what they were saying.  Then we went out to a bar and it was so crowded I couldn't hardly move.  At one point I was gratefully wedged into a corner by an incongruous arcade game and the side wall.  I had a jager bomb and a shot of jager later, probably trebling my jager consumption to date.  Eventually, I gave up and wove through the crowd to escape.

I was by turns elated, confused, and content for varying reasons over the course of the week.  Movies were watched, studying was done, exams were taken, drinks (and shots!) were had...crazy, good week.

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