October 10, 2010

10 things about 10/10/10

1. It was unseasonably warm today--80 degrees!
2. I studied in the park and watched highlighter-yellow leaves on the trees.
3. I actually got things done in studying for my week of exams that starts tomorrow.
4. On my way home from the park, I stopped at the Spice House and bought sweet smoked Spanish paprika.
5. I made a delicious curry-roasted cauliflower & yellow split pea soup for dinner.
6. Gomer the cat sat on my lap while I studied and purred at me.
7. I got to sleep in this morning!
8. I've been watching Weeds, which is ridiculously addicting and is impeding my studying a little.
9. I just took a multiple intelligences survey that told me my top three strengths are Musical, Linguistic, and Spatial learning.
10. I am feeling really optimistic with regard to my exams and life this week.

Overall, a good day!

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