October 19, 2010

Fall shenanigans

Last week was insane.

Five exams in five days--the M2s warned us that block 2 was the hardest, and they were right.  Not that the next two blocks will be that much easier, but there was just so much to know.

On the bright side, I passed all tests and did well on anatomy.  No honors this time around but that's okay.

Friday, we went apple picking in Fond du Lac.*  They also had a corn maze!

Saturday, I chopped a peck of apples and made apple butter all night (well, I didn't really do that much.  The crock pot did all the work).

Saturday night some of my classmates went down to the Chancery.  There was some low-key frivolity but it eventually ramped up into carousing.  There were blue liquids in shot glasses.  I drank a beer with a pickle in it, which was salty and tart and improved the way Miller Lite tasted.  Plus I got to eat the pickle after.

Sunday, I canned the apple butter.  This was exciting.  I've helped my mom can apple butter before--almost every year when I was little up through high school--but I'd never done it all by myself.  Even last year, when the girls and I made apple butter, we just put it in small tupperwares because we knew we'd eat it before it needed to be kept from spoiling.

I did the whole shebang: boiling the jars and lids, emptying them out, filling them with a little head space, then processing them for ten minutes.  I left the jars upside down for a day to help the seal form (I think everything's gone well!  I guess I won't know for a while).

My friend ER came over and we made apple bread/muffins with MORE apples that we had picked on Friday.  It was a pretty apple-tastic day.

I rounded out the weekend with a nice dinner (risotto and a glass of wine), a leisurely bath and plenty of watching Weeds.

*NB: Unlike in Missouri, here in Wisconsin all the French names are actually pronounced somewhat close to their intended pronunciation.  Sure, Wisconsinites tend to say "Prairie du Chien" as if it were "prairie du chine" and "Fond du Lac" as if it were Fond de Lac, but hey! I'm excited they have the nasal sound going on.  I mean, come on, Missouri, we really have a town pronounced "Vur-sails" and spelled Versailles?**

**Using NB for nota bene always makes me think of orgo and dear old Vlad.  Also, I've been using it a lot in my biochem notes recently.

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