April 17, 2011

Burning joy

"I'm so glad things are going well for you!  You seem so happy!" Carly exclaimed.

I smiled back at her hesitantly.  Until then, I hadn't realized how content I was.  Things are going well and life is good.

La vie est belle.

Comme disait Camus, "La joie est un brûlure qui ne savoure pas.“ Je me sens le chaleur du bonheur, mais je me promets à la même temps de savourer la joie aujourd’hui et la joie de la vie.  Jour par jour.  Un à la fois.


Marshall S said...

1) Love the new visual theme for the blog. (Forgive me if it's an old change, I usually just read the RSS.)
2) I love that quote. My Nice photo album on facebook is named after it. (Quite the honor for camus, I know.)
3) That reminds me to ask: you're the expect on translation. How would you translate the camus quote currently on my facebook profile. I've never quite figured it out.
4) Glad to hear you're so happy! I feel the same way. Med school so far has pretty much been what I was looking forward to for all those years.

lclatteman said...

1)thanks! it's pretty new. I change it as the whim strikes me.
2)I love it, too--every time I realize I'm supremely happy it always seems to be after the fact and after thinking about that quote.
3)Hmm. Your quote's a really tough one (and my translation's a bit rusty), but I think I would translate it this way:
"[Il] pensait qu'il était juste que, de temps en temps au moins, la joie vint récompenser ceux qui se suffisent de l' homme et de son pauvre et terrible amour."
"[He] thought it was right that, from time to time, joy came to reward those who rely on man and his humble and tremendous love."
Does this capture it, you think?
4)I'm glad you're liking med school too! It's kind of a relief, in a way--or its own reward, somehow.