August 25, 2011

Here we go

In a few short hours, I will begin my second year of medical school.  It's funny, I don't feel any more advanced than last year; I feel considerably less nervous because I already know my classmates and have an inkling of what to expect out of the day.

I'm excited.  I'm ready to put summer behind me and dive in, dedicate myself again to learning, put my nose to the grindstone, and so on and so forth.  But, I'm also nervous.  The specter of the Step 1 exam is looming over this year like a sullen rain cloud, promising a downpour but delayed on the horizon for a moment.  Also, classes this year threaten to be ferocious: pathology (in other words, learning all the diseases that happen to mankind), microbiology (tiny things that make you get sick, also immunology and other mysterious workings of the body), and pharmacology (all the drugs you would use to treat all the diseases and microorganisms from the other two classes) are the big three.  They're a bit scary, but they also feel more doctor-y than physiology or biochemistry.  

We also get to learn how to perform a complete physical exam, which will then qualify us to actually examine patients and learn something about their health status beyond what they can or will tell us.  We take a few other minor courses: advanced (abnormal) psychology, medical ethics, little bits and pieces here and there to soften the onslaught of path, pharm, and micro.

Bring it on...

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