August 25, 2011

What day is it, again?

Is it only Thursday?

Second year is already jam-packed with things to do, pages to read, assignments to complete, and immunology to wade through.

I was ready for Friday by the end of Tuesday.

On the other hand, it does feel good to be applying myself--I think I just didn't work hard enough this summer during research.  (The proof being that I still have to finish my abstract and do my poster...ahhhh deadlines!)  School starts to feel a little bit like purely mental yoga: you have to stretch yourself every day and hold uncomfortable positions (take in lots of information) until the pose is easy (you've mastered the material).  Then you do a variation or an extension on the pose (go to more lectures) and keep practicing that.

The difference is that yoga is pretty restful and rejuvenating, and med school is generally fatiguing.

Oh well.  We start heart sounds on Monday--I'm so excited!  The family med conference in KC had a lecture on heart sounds, and I like listening for them.  It's a bit like listening for a particular musical rhythm--you could most notate it with eighth notes or triplets, depending on the arrhythmia.

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DerpMachine said...

that's such a great analogy... except i would add that it would be bikram yoga because on top of the insane poses you have to stand in, you do it in a big class (200 people), and everyone looks like they are in better shape (smarter) than you, and everyone is sweating and kind of smelling bad (literally and metaphorically but probably more literally towards exams...) because it's basically a pressure cooker in there. it's never over, and there's always a yogi who probably does it better than you with their eyes closed and you are like, HOW THE FUCK....


(but in a perverse way i am pretty excited too)