September 15, 2011

Open letter to my classmates

Dear fellow med students,

Quit whining.

Seriously.  I understand, you're stressed, second year is full of BS stuff they make us do like sit in lectures run by bad teachers, but come on.  We got through first year just fine, and it was more of the same.  If anything, you should be more excited about this year, because we're finally learning useful material.

Oh, wait.  What's that?  You don't think we'll ever use this in the clinical setting?  Puh-lease.  Why do you think they make us learn it, then?  There's enough medical knowledge in the world that they're not going to waste our time on trivial information.  If they say you'll need to know it, I believe them.  They've been coordinating these courses for a long time now. 

If you don't like the way the lectures are run, don't come to class.  I get it, not everybody learns well by being in class.  You probably think you already understand all of this stuff, so you don't feel like you're getting anything useful out of being in class.  Well, that's great.  I'm happy for you.  But quit coming to class and making snarky comments that make it hard for me to hear the lecturer.

And another thing.  Lay off Pathways.  I get it, you think they're a waste of time and you wish we could be learning things in class instead.  But you know you would only complain about those extra lectures and how the test is going to be so much harder.  The reason they have Pathways is to make sure you're able to pursue the parts of medicine that excite you.  Quit complaining, because they are GIVING YOU A GIFT: the chance to keep yourself sane and interested in medicine and protected time (and basically, a reward in the form of credit) for doing so.

I am generally a positive person, but the more I hear you whining about how hard you think this year is, about how stupid that test question was, or about how BS it is that we have to sit in a lecture about lung sounds--you're really bringing me down.  Like, you're seriously affecting my morale. 

So, I'll say it again.  Quit whining.

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emily said...

i'm reading! (well, supposed to be listening to path lectures, so naturally, doing everything but...) and oh my goodness. YES. I know I'm so guilty of complaining sometimes, because I gripe when I'm stressed, but really, the whining has increased infinitely from so many people. And it really does bring me down too, I guess its the negativity.

Loved the Rabies lecture today, that guy was awesome. Made me feel a lot better about life.

And now that i'm on a roll, I loved Chocolat. Actually hadn't seen it before, so I ended up staying and watching the entire thing with Erika. Quality stuff :) End break, must finish lectures!