January 2, 2012


In elementary school, to mark the 100th day of school, everyone brought in 100 of some item.  One year, I brought in miniature oreos, vacuum-sealed by my father when he sucked the air out of a ziploc bag.  Another year, I brought in pennies.  Other kids brought in matchbox cars or bottle caps or candy that was then shared out to the class.

Looking back--I have no idea what the point was.  A math exercise?  Proof that we could count that high?  A free holiday for the teachers, since we did other silly things together with other classrooms and other grade levels?  The 100th day was not even a metric point in the year--our school years were around 180 days, so the 100th day of school generally fell just after school started up again in January.

100 posts, two years+.  Huzzah!

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Kurt said...

100! = 9.33262154 × 10^157

Yay math! haha