March 7, 2012

Visions of vegetables danced in my head

The temperature climbed into the 50s today.  In response, my body kicked into spring mode: I opened the windows after dinner and started scouring the internet for tips on planting gardens in Wisconsin.

The problem, of course, is that my eyes are always bigger than my time and fridge space and canning abilities.  My new apartment that I will move into in June is the upper part of a duplex, and my landlords have told me I can have part of the backyard for a garden (they even compost!  We are kindred spirits already, even if they are an older half-retired couple).  I've been trying to pick out what will be the easiest to maintain as well as what will give me the most bang for my buck, investment-wise.

When I make a wish list of all the vegetables I want to plant, here's what I come up with (basically, all the vegetables I like to eat!):
-squash (winter and zucchini)
-green onions
This seems like way too much..especially as I'll probably move in the second week of June, so by the time I get things planted it will be mid-August before I can harvest anything and I'll be up to my ears in pediatrics (and soon to move into internal medicine!).  And of course, the problem is really how much can I put away and use immediately?  Even working at the garden last summer, harvesting only a few things every time I visited was more produce than I could keep up with.

I can't forget herbs, too--I think I'll line my garden with them and put some of them in pots:
-parsley, sage, rosemary, thyme (you can't leave out one, the others feel lonely)

I'll probably plant some mint in a pot, too.  You can't really put mint in the ground unless you're ready to just give up the whole garden to spreads like wildfire and then can't be killed.

Is this too much?  Probably.  Will it come to fruition? No idea.  It's really time, though: I'm going to start some seeds over spring break next week and let the plants get nice and big before I plant them in June.  

The newest iteration of my garden planning has my little plot laid out thus:

No, I did not just spend ten minutes making this...Okay, fine, I totally did.


Juyeon said...

I will help you use the fresh, amazing veggies!!!
So, alongside our weekly farmers' market routine, are we going to add Lindsey's garden tour on Saturdays?? :)

Lindsey said...

Yes, I think we should! :) Also, I'll be really close to the West Allis farmers market...we have to go, it's supposed to be awesome!

Ann said...

I hope you get to plant at least a small little garden! Having a garden of my own continues to be a (distant) dream of mine. Your infographic is like heaven to me!!