May 26, 2012

Two down, two to go

I am two weeks in to studying for Step 1.  I have settled somewhat into a rhythm: get up, eat breakfast, read the news on my phone, read First Aid or BRS Physiology for whatever subject I'm doing, eat lunch, study some more, do a question set, go over all the questions I got wrong, visit my garden and water it, eat dinner, lounge around, listen to Goljan, shower and go to bed.

While it's been nice to have a rhythm, and nice to have a schedule that I set for myself, I have to admit that at this point, I am growing tired of being so diligent.  I would much rather take a night off and watch TV for a few hours (whoops, that's what I did last night), but I know that I can't really afford to do that very much.  My schedule is flexible but not that flexible; almost every block of time between now and June 9th is spoken for.

Here's to hoping that I can just barrel onward to the finish.  I have lots of reading and sewing and moving and gardening and cooking and writing and living to get on with, and I don't like having to put them on hold for so long.

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