December 14, 2012


I took a pistol class, a few years ago,
and I was good: bull's-eye.
We shot at red circles on paper
and the instructor, a cop, said

Human-shaped targets are only for

My uncle wanted me to be prepared
for anything: to shoot if
someone were threatening me.
I asked about aiming for a knee,
or the arm; he said

If you shoot at someone
aim to kill.
If your life is not in danger
don't shoot.
If your life is in danger
aim for the heart
so they don't kill you instead.

He wanted me to have a gun
for my room at college.
He wanted me to be the one
who could stop a shooter.
I said no.
It was against the dorm rules.

But really,
I could not see myself pulling the trigger.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Lindsey, I've only fired a gun once. It was when you lived out in the country and at your Dad's urging, I tried it. We were firing at cans or some other expendable item on a fencepost. I remember I didn't like the kickback of the gun. And I remember thinking how dangerous it was to use a weapon that could hurt something. Guns are not one of my favorite things. But I think your uncle is very wise and I'm glad there are some people who know how to use them to protect us. Like you and so many others, my heart is breaking at yet another senseless act. Prayers for them. Prayers for us all. Aunt Lori