March 19, 2013

Rhinelander chronicles: Part 3

A few brief updates about life up in the North Woods:

Last week: I spent last week primarily with a different preceptor Dr. S, a younger doctor than Dr. C (the dog-sledding adventure-seeker) but still a solidly established physician in the community.  I feel sort of guilty about this, but I may have actually enjoyed my week with him more than the first week.  He was super nice, let me see patients independently, and doesn't talk all the time the way Dr. C does. (This is what makes me feel guilty: Dr. C has amazing stories to tell and lots of wisdom to share, but when he does, he talks about a mile a minute and I honestly feel more fatigued after a day with him than I did all week with Dr. S.)  I also just think I really like his style of listening to his patients--I think our interviewing styles click better.  Anyway, it was a good week.

Friday morning I spent in the ER and saw two patients--which was practically a rush for them.  There are only 3 rooms and a trauma/procedure room, since the ER and hospital in Tomahawk are a critical care access point rather than a trauma center.  Most of their cases get referred out to Rhinelander or to Wausau.

I also found out that I was accepted to the Activists Leaders Institute for MSFC in May!  They are paying for accommodations and travel to the conference, so all I do is show up and learn!  I love going to MSFC events: being around my future colleagues and activists is invigorating and inspiring.  (Plus, it's the first weekend of my psych rotation, so I won't even have to miss any OB-GYN and it was easy to get the afternoon off for travel!)

Weekend: This was my first weekend spending the whole time in Rhinelander.  Saturday, I was actually pretty productive and studied all day, so I rewarded myself with a trip to the old-fashioned movie theater in the center of town to see Silver Linings Playbook (It was awesome.  I still find myself thinking about it, three days later).  Despite there being snow piled everywhere, apparently the town St. Patrick's day parade had gone down the main drag at 2pm, followed by a pub crawl.  I didn't have cash for the movie so I popped into a bar and found the rest of the town inside and well along in their Irish celebrations.

Sunday, I took a nice long walk through the neighborhoods nearby because the sun was shining so brilliantly, I couldn't stand to stay inside any longer.  I made the acquaintance of an older lady who was also out for a walk.

Last night, it snowed again.  It made today pretty trying, partly because I was already tired from poor sleep habits and partly because I am SO. DAMN. TIRED. of winter at this point! I think it's supposed to be sunny and cold in the next few days, which I think at this point in the season is definitely preferable.

I can't believe the month is almost over, or that the time has gone so fast, or that OB-GYN starts in less than two weeks...can't wait!!

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