April 30, 2013

Pure, shining love

My favorite part about deliveries is just after the baby is born.  The two or three minutes where I'm holding this absolutely brand new life in my arms, covered in clinging fluid and membranes and blood, and once the cord is clamped and cut--for a brief instant, I am the only thing the baby knows outside its mother.

I sometimes am not even aware of speaking, but I usually find myself talking to it, saying, "Hello, baby! Welcome to the world!  We've been waiting for you!"  Cradling it in my arms, feeling it warm and sticky against my sterile gown, is amazing.

This moment is heady, sure, but the instants that come next are intoxicating.  Twice, now, I've gotten to hand the baby directly to the mother, through her legs to a waiting blanket on her chest.  I go from the main stage to side show immediately, and I love watching the mother's face when I give her her child.

The love is pouring out of her.  If love were electromagnetic waves, and if our eyes had love-cones and love-rods, the moment when I hand over the child to the mother would be blinding.  The dads, too, are radiating.  He bends down over the woman and child, and the three of them form a perfect image.  It's no wonder the Nativity was such an enthralling subject for tableaux; birth has always been a miracle.

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Karisa Tells All said...

This was a really beautiful post! You should be a writer and an OB :)