July 17, 2013


I find myself feeling strongly homesick, as if I'm mourning my childhood home.  Maybe it's the blanketing heat and smothering humidity, which are par for the course back home but are more of an anomaly here. Maybe it's watching The United States of Tara, which is set in Overland Park (complete with accurate KC references, like people who live in Belton or the right area code).  Maybe it's that I haven't been home since Christmas, and I spent less than a week there.

Maybe it's that everyone that's in my year is looking to their family and hometowns for places to apply for residency, and I both want and don't want to return home. 

Maybe I'm just a little tired of being a grownup, but I certainly can't stop now.

Happy Birthday, America

I had a grilled cheeseburger for the 4th of July.  It was delicious and tasted like patriotism and nostalgia.

I'm tired of half-assing my environmental food choices, so rather than call myself a vegetarian "but I eat fish sometimes," I'll just go with what works: eat whatever I want, focusing on vegetarian choices.  I guess if I were really hardcore I'd go vegan and not look back.

But damnit, I want to have a fabulous steak dinner after graduation!