September 15, 2013

And now, we wait

September 15th: the day that ERAS opens, and thus 20,000 medical students across the United States woke up prior to 9am ET to anxiously review their application one final time before hitting 'apply.'

It's scary, but also liberating, to finally have everything in place and to send it out into the world.  All summer, I've been thinking about my application, and my personal statement, and letters of recommendation, and programs to apply to; finally, I could take some action today.

Now I can just check the status section obsessively (to see which programs have downloaded my application) and hope for interviews to start arriving in my inbox.

Good luck to everyone!  As the NRMP website said, only 187 days til the Match!

1 comment:

emily said...

I laughed when I saw the countdown on the NRMP website...and then thought that 187 sounded like a long time! So much to happen between now and then!