December 11, 2013

Interview Season BINGO

The interview trail is long, arduous, and exhausting...even while it's also exhilarating and fun! Hopefully, all my fellow med students have gotten interviews at places they like and have gotten enough interviews to keep the anxiety about Match Day at bay for now.  As I found myself traveling around the country for interviews, I realized that all this travel often yields some excellent stories...usually about how tired we were, or that plane we had to run to catch, or about how the desperation of making all your interviews sometimes causes you to do rash things like change in public or break some (hopefully minor) traffic laws.

As some interview seasons wind to a close, maybe you can try for a blackout on the Interview Season BINGO board! If you're still in the middle of interviews, keep your eyes peeled for as many squares as possible!

Here's to safe travels and a strong finish to everyone's interview season!

Change clothes in public

Decline an interview
Offer to buy someone’s clothes off of them
Interview at your home school
3 or more interviews in one week
Participating in couples match

Wish you had picked a different specialty
Pay for a flight using accumulated reward points
Take a red-eye
Drive > 12 hours
Sleep on someone’s couch

Sleep in the airport

Skip a resident social
Miss a connection
Wear the same suit > 2 times without cleaning it

Commit a crime
Back to back interviews
3 or more interviews without returning “home”
Interview in Alaska or Hawaii
See the same person at multiple interviews

Stay for free at a hotel
Airport loses your luggage
Use plane, train, and automobile in one trip
Reschedule an interview

Download a .pdf of the BINGO sheet here.