June 30, 2014

Paging Dr. L

I can hardly believe it, but the day has come. Tomorrow is my first day as a doctor. They've given us long coats, taught us to use the computers, and explained medical malpractice insurance. We've seen the passing of the old guard, with the graduation of this year's senior residents; we've met with the new senior residents to get to know them better.

All weekend, I was nervous thinking about how to tomorrow would go. Today disappeared into doing nothing and I feel like I wasted my last day of freedom. But as I packed my tote bag for tomorrow, I began to feel more settled. Putting my stethoscope, scrub cap, glasses cord, and various reference books into my bag made me feel like I was more prepared. These few accoutrements are like security blankets, my lucky rabbit's feet against the unknown.

It's exciting to realize I'm starting the first day of my real career. I've waited so long to do this, and it's finally here. Watch out Philly...new OB/GYNs are on the loose!